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Better World Company Label

Time: 2015-12-03 14:38:03      Source: China Overseas Holdings Ltd.      View(s):23

        (3 December 2015) China Overseas Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as “COHL” or the “Group”) today announced that the Group had been awarded both the World Green Organization’s (WGO) Green Office Label and the United Nations Millennium Development Goal’s (UNMDG) Better World Company Label under the Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS) initiated by WGO and Junior Chamber International (JCI) North District for three consecutive years, in order to recognize the Group’s green best practices in the offices.

        The GOALS has 155 feasible green office best practice criteria, that are grouped into 9 categories, can be used to enhance green office practice. COHL has successfully implemented 118 criteria, representing a GOALS Weighted Environmental Performance Score of 71.38% (compared to the average of 31.82% of all participants) and passed the green audit. The 9 categories are energy savings, water savings, waste reduction, paper/printing, green procurement, IT use and disposal, transportation, education and awareness, and green innovation. A “3+” Green Office Label was being awarded to COHL to recognize our long-term support.

        COHL endeavors to incorporate environmental considerations into its businesses and daily office operations, as well as organize activities focused on environmental protection, with the aim of creating environmental awareness among staff and building up a culture of green offices and communities.

        “United Nations Millennium Development Goals – WGO’s Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme” (GOALS) is a green program that is initiated by the WGO and JCI North District. Over 100 SMEs and corporations received the labels and it aims to inspire, educate and motivate companies to make the first bold step to implement green best practices in offices. Applicants who can meet the minimum requirement will be awarded the WGO’s Green Office Label and the UNMDG’s Better World Company Label after the successful nomination and verification. The labels will be effective till 30 November 2016.