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      China Overseas Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Overseas”), the subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (ranked 18th in the “Fortune Global 500” list), was established in Hong Kong in June 1979. Embodying the relentless perseverance and spirit of pioneering entrepreneurs, China Overseas has been participating in the urbanisation and economic and social development in Hong Kong and Macau, and sharing the tremendous opportunity presented by the reform and opening of China. Its efforts here have created a win-win value system with modern cities by forging a whole industry chain of investment, construction, operation and services offering strong competitive advantages, joining hands to strengthen the development strategy of becoming stronger and bigger to achieve outstanding results. 

      China Overseas has five subsidiaries listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange: China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. (HKSE code: 00688.HK), China State Construction International Holdings Limited (HKSE code: 03311.HK), China Overseas Property Holdings Limited (HKSE code: 02669.HK), China Overseas Grand Oceans Group Ltd. (HKSE code: 00081.HK) and China State Construction Development Holdings Limited (HKSE code: 00830.HK) with the total combined market capitalisation of HK$350 billion, establishing renowned brands such as “China Overseas Property”, “China State Construction “and “COPL”, which are highly involved in national development and they form the integrated capability of coordinating the “two markets and resources in overseas geographies and Mainland China”. China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. offers the concept of both red and blue chips while China State Construction International Holdings Limited is a pioneer in the industry, both are active in the stock market. 

      In the property development and investment area, China Overseas adheres to the mission “To Envision Delightful Space and Create Infinite Value” as the developer and pioneer in the field of residential development in China. It has established a preliminary nationwide market distribution network, with major focuses on the Hong Kong and Macau regions, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Rim as well as Northeast and Midwestern Mainland China. It has developed its business in Hong Kong, Macau and over 70 economically vibrant cities in Mainland China as well as London (UK), New York (USA), Sydney (Australia), Singapore, and other major cities in the world with a total land reserve of over 89 million square metres. China Overseas Property has been ranked at the top in the industry with the brand value of RMB91 billion in 2019 while it has been selected as a constituent of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series for ten consecutive years, acknowledged as a “China Blue Chip Real Estate Developer” as well as among the “Leading Brands of China Real Estate Companies” for 16 consecutive years. 

      In the area of infrastructure, China Overseas has invested in the construction of more than 1,600km of infrastructure facilities projects like roads and bridges and more than 32 million square metres of social projects like affordable housing, hospitals and schools, by capturing the opportunity in the markets. It has achieved the differentiation for the development of “Technology + Investment”while developing rapidly the franchise business of environment governance, medical facilities, garbage disposal, etc.

      In the construction area, China Overseas is committed to continuous research and development of new construction techniques and methods, and has been working towards developing a happy living environment in the city. As one of the large contractors to earn ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications in Hong Kong, China Overseas has obtained the highest construction licence standards (Licence C) in five categories, allowing it to undertake construction projects of unlimited tender value in buildings, port works, roads and drainage, site formation and waterworks. It has completed over 1,000 construction projects, which cover numerous mega-scale historical projects, including Hong Kong International Airport Passenger Terminal Building, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Macau Tower, City of Dreams, MGM Cotai, Guangzhou (New) Baiyun International Airport Passenger Terminal Building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Gran Torre Costanera in Santiago, Chile, etc. At the same time it has established a distribution network in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and overseas. It has been advancing the implementation of construction and residential industrialisation, with prefabricated construction of more than million square metres enabling it to achieve high quality development. It has been selected for the 100th Anniversary of the Top 100 Projects in China, National Scientific & Technological Progress Award, the Zhan Tianyou Grand Award for Civil Engineering, the NCE Tunnelling Award, Hong Kong Awards for Industries, Quality Building Award in Hong Kong, etc, over the years.

      In the operations area, China Overseas has built an urban services industry cluster with diversified formats and industries and developed an integrated production model for a city, which include offices, shopping malls, star-rated hotels, MTR stations, city renovation, tourist resorts, modern logistics, etc. Presently, it has over 4.3 million square metres of commercial properties, which include 45 Grade A office buildings, making it one of the largest single-title office developers in Mainland China. It also holds and operates four century-old landmark office buildings in London, as well as operating the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition in Shenzhen and Xiong An Citizens Service Centre. It has established the “Officezip” flexible working office brand and created the “China Overseas Cloud Business” to lead the integration of business resources and the trend of commercial asset management. At the same time, China Overseas holds and operates several toll road and bridge projects, which include Nanjing No.2 Yangtze River Bridge, Nan Chang Bridge, Shenyang Huanggu Thermal Power, Laizhou Port in Shandong, etc. Thus China Overseas has the strong capability to formulate a model and comprehensive facilities for city operation.

      In the service area, China Overseas has developed under the leadership of the management team executing a sophisticated strategy offering humanised services in property development and management. China Overseas has become the industry pioneer who has replicated the model of property management formed in Hong Kong within Mainland China, as well as has internationalised the property management style in Mainland China and has formulated an integrated value-added service model. Its business is located in more than 100 major cities across Mainland China, with more than 830 contracted projects servicing an area of more than 156 million square metres. The categories of properties under its management comprise residential, commercial complexes, Grade A+ office buildings, government property, industrial parks and other various types. HuaYi Design and China Overseas Supervision under China Overseas also occupied a place in the modern service region with their professional and highly efficient performances.

      Keen on fulfilling what it sees as its corporate social responsibility, China Overseas has set up the “China Overseas Charity Foundation”. Through the Foundation, it has participated in various charity and environmental protection activities within Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, most notably donating funds to support the construction of 14 China Overseas Hope Schools in the areas with underdeveloped educational facilities in Mainland China. For its efforts, it has been awarded the UNMDG Better World Company Label, the 10 Year Plus Caring Company logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards, Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards, etc. Up to now, China Overseas has donated in all more than HKD200 million to the community to assist the needy and victims of disasters, as well as the promotion of education and well-being of society, which collectively have earned the “China’s Outstanding Charity Contribution Award” and“Best Practices for Corporate Social Responsibilities in China”.

      Looking to the future, China Overseas will exert the regional advantage and pivotal effect arising from Hong Kong. It will uphold the mission of “We Manage Happiness”, adhere to “Customer-oriented, Quality Assurance, Value Creation”, forge ahead to complete the mission, lead the trend to beyond itself, and create a region-wide happy life cycle with the vision of becoming a world-class investment, construction and operation service provider.

(As at August 2020)