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In 2008, China Overseas Holdings Limited established its CSR Committee and incorporated the "China Overseas Charity Fund Limited". We also created its brand slogan "The Sea has no Limit and Love has no Boundary" to underline its commitment to community work. A mid- and long-term plan for CSR hassince been established, outlining our blueprint for future community work.

China Overseas' Community Brand:

Mission of the China Overseas Charity Fund:
1. Contribute to poverty relief; take care of, assist and protect those in need because of ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages
2. Advocate, promote and participate in activities to advance education, science, art and research; publicise related research achievements, contribute to other activities considered helpful to promote the above activities
3. Advocate, raise funds for and promote the advancement of citizenship and social welfare, including relevant research activities; publicise the research achievements
4. Organise, support or participate in the construction of facilities that are beneficial to society or social welfares organisations
5. Carry out other charitable practices