China Overseas Holdings Ltd.

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Corporate Governance and Economic Responsibility

  • Comply with the laws, regulations and ethical codes
  • Strengthen anti-corruption and improve the company's management efficiency
  • Implement "Headquarters-Regional-Local" three-tier quality management system to support systematic business development and ensure detailed quality control is carried out
  • Apply strict quality standards on the processes of construction, property development and property service
  • Establish win-win strategic partnership with suppliers
  • Increase competitiveness overseas and develop an international competitive advantage

Environmental Protection

  • Strengthen innovation, develop green properties and adopt energy saving and carbon efficiency measures
  • Develop green neighbourhoods and communities
  • Promote green offices

Staff Management

  • Foster "China Overseas Corporate Culture", promote integrity, innovation, practicality and excellence
  • Strengthen human resource strategy through good people management and incentive policies
  • Place strong emphasis on staff welfare and career development and nurture team spirit
  • Build a comprehensive safety management system

Community Development

  • Actively seek to work on more housing projects for low-income groups
  • Be proactive in poverty alleviation and charitable activities, promote youth education and expand developement of Hope Schools
  • Establish harmonious and inclusive society by strengthening service quality for property customers and providing interaction opportunities for the communities