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China Overseas Holdings Limited Releases The Fifth CSR Report

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          (11 September 2015) China Overseas Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as “COHL” or “the Group”) released the fifth CSR report “China Overseas Holdings Limited Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014” (hereinafter referred to as “the report”). The Group demonstrates its vision, practices and performance of corporate social responsibility last year to stakeholders in the report, and looks forward to leading the sustainable development of the industry.

        During the reporting period, the Group has implemented sustainable vision of corporate social responsibility and has followed the corporate mission “Expanding a Happy Living Environment” of Credo of CSCEC.  It integrates social responsibility into company operation and balances the stakeholders’ expectations to create a win-win situation for social and economic value.

        It is the Group’s first time to prepare the report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 4.0 (G4) “core” option. The involvement and comments of the stakeholders are included in the report, as well as the commitment and responses of the Group on the material issues which the stakeholders concerned. The material issues include Economic, Environmental, Workplace, Community, Product responsibility and Compliance.

        Besides, the Group has launched its official WeChat account (“中海集團”) this year and uploaded the abstract of the report which enables the readers to preview the highlights of the report on mobile devices easily. Please add “中海集團” WeChat account and scan the QR Code below on your mobile devices to obtain the report and other information:

Add “中海集團” WeChat account                                        Abstract of the report 2014                                               
WeChat ID: China_Overseas                                                     (Chinese version only)


         In future, COHL will uphold its vision of “Steady development lays a solid foundation for sustainable development” and operating principle of “Exercise caution in details and implementation. Build a strong foundation to seek greater success” with proactive strategic thinking, detailed-orientated operations and a vision of people-oriented sustainable development, so as to manage stakeholder expectations, help to develop an integrated society and stride over the road to excellence and everlasting business regime.

        To view the full report, please visit our website ( you for the support and attention to the Group’s CSR endeavors.